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OSES: Contact session


This session is focussed to a first contact with an embedded operating system. I decided to elect the Linux as operating system and the Raspberry Pi board as supporting hardware to benefit of an enormous quantity of free resources and information. You can get this lab at home for only 40 Eur.

Oh!. And this session will let me to know your skills and present myself.

Seminar presentation

Wells, lets present the seminar.

Lab initial set-up

I prefer that your know how to set-up any of the materials of the seminar. Lets start getting your lab computer ready

OS introduction

The world is plenty of OSes. You should the adequate for your project.

Get ready with your Raspberry Pi

Now is time for a step-by-step guide for getting your Raspberry Pi running.

Raspberry Pi basics

Some basics about dealing with your Raspberry Pi. This is some basics dealing with a Linux box.


Virtual machine

Optional: Please, follow the guidelines provided in “Máquina Virtual Linux para el curso” ( for creating the virtual machine used for part of the activities of the seminar.

GNU Radio

Take a look at the GNU Radio project. Try to install some applications on your Linux virtual machine. Please write down your impressions and send it to me by e-mail.


Take a look to the “Octave” project and install it in your virtual machine. Recover some simple Matlab script (preferably for signal processing) and test it.